INTRO: Mr. and Mrs. Pantera Blanca will be out of town next week, so here's a FOUR-HOUR-PLUS ALL-INTERVIEW Show!!! (0:00-1:33) • LOTUS dials in from her secret bunker in rural Australia to discuss my article "The Nigga They Are, the Hard 'R' They Fall" (1:33-44:09) • PAT DIXON rings from downtown Chattanooga to talk about why he doesn't talk much about Jews (44:09-1:46:59) • RYAN KATSU RIVERA calls Hard-Hearted Jimmy from NY so we can swap our personal experiences with Roman Catholicism (1:46:59-3:41:41) • RANDY beams in from Portland to chat about the time a black guy called his white roommate Norman a "nigga," as well as a recent incident where Randy had to pull a gun on a black guy who was threatening Norman out near the apartment-building dumpster (3:41:41-4:09:44) • USE THE NEW PROMO CODE "BALLS" FOR A 20% DISCOUNT (4:09:44-4:10:47)

THE WHITE PANTHER'S MUSICAL JUSTICE SPOTIFY PLAYLIST: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/4IpFqT5qCdohNntYcB41eS

JG ON X: https://twitter.com/jimgoad

Apr 21st, 2024

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