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Ep 198 | Oh Rein It In | Get Off My Lawn

Today was a day of discovery. Our opening song reveals some of Ryan's upbringing. Trump's horseface diss brings up the correlation of the left's insults. Luke Cage is a great show, but of course it includes a tiresome mainstream trope. In reviewing a meme of Lady Gaga wearing a suit like an NBA all star, the real fashion issue is uncovered. TI is rudely calling our first lady sexy in his new video, simutaneously a jab at Trump and an insult to himself. Dennis Hof has died, so we naturally have to mention Heidi Fleiss. Trudeau is trying to change language. Gavin will never run out of pens, again. What's so funny about female teachers hooking up with kids? We end with an exciting discovery of the truth behind a meme we've been talking about.

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Oct 17th, 2018

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