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After my talk at the Republican Club there were two big fights. The first one happened as people were leaving and involved a mob of ten antifa attacking a journalist and stealing his equipment. Kai Russo, Finbarr Slonim, and Caleb Perkins were arrested for the attack and charged with... absolutely nothing. They jumped the journalist because they sensed he was pro-Trump. It was a hate crime and involved felonies such as burglary and assault but they suffered zero consequences. After the first fight, antifa circled the block to ambush PBs (not sure we can say their name on YouTube). Just as they did earlier, antifa attacked their enemies based on a difference of opinion. The patriots won and were summarily arrested for winning too much. One of them is in Rikers right now. Two others are facing fifteen years. No, I'm not kidding. We are officially living in Clown World. Wait, are you even allowed to say that?

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Sep 05th, 2019

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