Radio Deadly is back, with a new home at Censored.TV! Michale Graves is an internationally recognized musician who put the world of punk rock on notice with stints singing for the Misfits and The Marky Ramone Blitzkrieg. Now he is on Censored.TV with a new weekly show. Graves has always been an outspoken patriot and avid conservative, which has put him in the crosshairs of “cancel culture” on more then one occasion. Recently, his willingness to stand up against progressive bullies and tell the truth as he see it resulted in a title wave of bans and boycotts. Michale is here to prove it’s not how much you get knocked down, but your willingness to get up stronger than ever and never let others define who you are. On Radio Deadly, Graves will be talking about music, fatherhood, and patriotism. He will give a voice to unique guests. He will showcase true stories of a road-worn life and teach people that when you’re going through hell, keep going. This show is Michale Graves’s side of the story, uncensored, unfiltered, and totally raw. The legacy of brutality rises one more time...Generation X attitude, punk rock, politics, talk, and opinion....Radio Deadly.