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Dear Censored,

I just wanted to write in to thank you for helping to clarify my belief system the past few years and inspiring me to be a man and put a ring on it.  I proposed to my wonderful fiancée Lauren over the weekend on a trip to a little beach town on Lake Michigan.  We can’t wait to start a new chapter in our lives and start pumping out beautiful Western babies.  This is exactly why the commie shit heads are so afraid of you.  You can’t brainwash and make sheep of men who stand by their convictions and by what is objectively true.  So thank you for everything you have done to strengthen the American family and all the laughs along the way.  (Lauren’s the one who drew you that Withnail and I piece). 

Later boys!


Dear Censored,

I’ve been listening to your latest shows and I believe your theory that keeps coming up about excessive video game play and feeling “trans” may have some merit.
I’m a guy, I’m in my 30’s now, but from when I was probably 7 years old and well into my teens, I played video games constantly (I still play these days, but with a son who’s almost 2, I get MAYBE an hour a week – hate me if you want). Hours each day. It was called “playing Nintendo” – the N64 was big then.
There were (and still are) loads of games, usually “fighting” games that you’ve probably heard of like Mortal Kombat or Street Fighter, that yes, had superbly animated ladies you could play as. I don’t play those types of games anymore but I can only imagine that with the current state of graphics tech, it’s gotta be insane how some of these animated ladies look.
Here’s the embarassing part, the part I think adds weight to your theory – I recall around maybe age 14 or 15, playing some of these games for hours on end, and at times feeling almost like I wanted to BE one of these women, wanting to look like them and move like them. I’d play as the women for “gameplay reasons” (like “harder to hit” and that bullshit), but I really just got hard from looking at them, if I’m being honest. Fuckin weird, I know, but what you’ve been saying lately struck a chord and dregged up some memories of that. It’s anecdotal, and of course this probably isn’t the only source of this “trend” today, but I personally think you’re on to something.
You know how I didn’t end up being a nut job trans and ended up being a father with a phenomenal wife today? I had a great dad, who looked out for me, made me do hard shit when the time called for it, who I appreciate still and just got drunk with last night and talked for hours with. He is a supreme example. This never got out of hand but rest assured, he would’ve stamped it out if it did. We need good fathers more than ever.
I second your theory.


Dear Censored,

I have been in the fitness world for the past 20 years, I am a personal trainer, and I am studying to get my Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. I list my credentials so I don’t come off as millennial-splaining. 

Grover arms: 

Skip this section if you have already looked into this or if you think it’s boring. The answer may seem obvious, lift heavy weights. The goal is to activate all of the muscle fibers in the targeted muscle group and fatigue them. The boxing you do does active the muscles in your arms and you are probably working them very hard but your lung capacity will fatigue before you can fatigue your arm muscles enough to stimulate growth. To stimulate growth, you would lift weights close to 80% of your max for 3-4 sets of about 10 reps with 1 min rest. This is assuming you have access to a full weight room.

Not everyone has access to a full weight room. The goal for activating and fatiguing the muscles can still be achieved by going to failure with any exercise. For instance, doing pushups until you can no longer push yourself back up will activate and fatigue the pecs and triceps. Below is an article explaining this concept.

Workout 1: 

Chin-ups:             2-3 sets to failure 1 min rest between sets 

Dips:                     2-3 sets to failure 1 min rest between sets 

Workout 2: 

Pull-ups:              2-3 sets to failure 1 min rest between sets 

Pushups:             2-3 sets to failure 1 min rest between sets

Do 2 or 3 of these workouts a week at the end of your boxing workout. You can do the second exercise during the rest period or one at a time. 

Low Testosterone: 

Skip if you have already looked into this as well. You can stimulate your body to naturally produce more testosterone. To do this you need to activate as many muscle groups as you can and fatigue them as much as you can. The exercises that target the most muscle groups are things like squats, deadlifts, cleans, and snatches. Doing these exercises with heavy weight and going until you fail to complete another rep for multiple sets with minimal rest will trigger the body to produce more testosterone. Similar to the cure for Grover arms, you would use close to 80% of your max for 3-4 sets of about 10 reps with 1 min rest. This is again assuming you have access to a full weight room. 

Unless you like doing around 200 bodyweight squats this is harder to do without a weight room. The answer is plyometrics and max effort jumping. Max effort jumps vertical jumps or horizontal jumps activates a large population of muscles and if done correctly will fatigue them. To do them correctly you need to jump with true maximal effort on each jump and rest enough between efforts. 

Workout 1:  

Max Vertical Jumps:                      3-4 sets of 5 : 20s between jumps 3 minutes between sets 

Depth Drop Vertical Jumps:         3-4 sets of 5 : 20s between jumps 3 minutes between sets 

Workout 2: 

Max Horizontal Jumps:                 3-4 sets of 5 : 20s between jumps 3 minutes between sets 

Depth Drop Horizontal Jumps:    3-4 sets of 5 : 20s between jumps 3 minutes between sets 

Do 2 or 3 of these workouts a week at the end of your boxing workout. These workouts take a bit longer but should elevate T levels. Doing this is not as effective as TRT but it is free and you do not have to worry about the side effects. 

Thanks for all you do, 


Dear Censored,

I know I’m guilty of this, but maybe the reason people and alot women send you these massive letters is because they feel very connected and encouraged by you when it comes to mail bag and it’s idea. I know you read through them before you start the show but maybe you shouldn’t be so overly encouraging even if comes from a good place. I’m saying It seems like you’ve been weirded about them for awhile. So maybe tone down how accepting you are because you’re gonna get alot of people who will feel attached.Love the show, sorry about my own massive letters. 


Dear Censored,

Is it ever right for a man to enjoy food this much?


Dear Censored,

Our most revered physics expert (who can’t figure out how to put his luggage in the overhead bin) is one of the cast members on “Born This Way”. I present to you, Mr. John Tucker:

Adios, fucko’s


Dear Censored,

On yesterday’s show, you talked about liberals defending Muslims after they commit atrocities in the name of Islam.
In this clip from Norm Macdonald Live, this crazy liberal “comedian” goes off on exactly what you spoke about and goes on to compare ISIS attacks to Timothy McVeigh as a Christian attack. Norm later goes on to mock her openly on the show with an obvious bit and she completely agrees with his sarcasm. The clip starts at 2:23

Thanks guys, loved the show and especially loved your luscious lashes


Dear Censored,

I was looking for thermometers to gauge the humidity in my house and saw your book in a tutorial video. Go to about 5 seconds in.

It was nice to see your book at random. Anyways, please rate the blonde in the video. No bonus points for reading your book. 

I wanna fuck you with my heels on while you wear those lashes,


Dear Censored,

This might be too gruesome for the viewers…

Chicago police were called to a home after a 911 call to find a woman hitting herself in the head with a crowbar. When two officers tried to calm Jenny Peak, 33, she dropped the crowbar and started running her head into a living room wall. Peak then began punching herself in the stomach and breasts yelling “take that, p***y.”

Officers were finally able to subdue Peak with the aid of a stun gun.

“She was determined to beat herself up,” an arresting officer said. “And she did. One of the worst beatings I’ve ever seen in my twenty years on the force.”

Allegedly, Peak had taken a $12 bet from her stepfather that she couldn’t “kick her own ass.”

Her stepfather said he will pay her the $12 for winning the bet, but will not cover the expected $4,000 in medical expenses. Peak suffered multiple skull fractures and lost several teeth in the self-assault.

“While she was hurting herself,” the officer said. “She broke a coffee table, some Chinaware and put many holes in the walls. Her stepfather has pressed charges for felony property damage.”

original article:


Dear Censored,

God is real… That’s life thats what all the people say!


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