South Africa Burns

Dear Censored,

The animation of the tranny surgery was pretty bad, but can you stomach the real thing? Just jump anywhere in this video.

Peace be upon Javaho the holy shitzu,


Dear Censored,

What they don’t report about the riots in South Africa, the Government has done nothing since 1994 to improve the lives of South Africans. Instead it has been a money grab from tribe to tribe. The ANC had intelligence of the planed riots and looting knowing that the damage was aimed to strike the economy at its heart, so that the bed partners of Zuma, China can step in and take over all the assets of the country and look like heroes.

The death toll is way more than being reported, a banana truck drivers in KZN reporting up to 30 bodies on the roads that had been blocked after trucks were set on fire.

Military troops may have been deployed but most of them are walking around with their riffles just watching the looting, and occasionally arresting groups that are exhausted.

The BLM riots inspired the SA riots. Some media outlets like the NY times and guardian, keeps pushing the narrative of racial violence, this has nothing to do with race. The Indian communities have been devastated, and small business targeted.


Dear Censored,

I found this article to be such glaringly obvious proof of what is really behind the supposed pay gap between men and women. 
This woman bitches and whines about working in the ICU, and it’s too difficult so she quits. Yes, of course it’s difficult, it’s the ICU!  
Also, rheir complaint is they are working too much. What a shame you have to get tons of OT and probably make over a hundred grand a year. 
How many men do you know that work their balls off, 6 or 7 days a week for years and decades, trying to get ahead?  I know lots, I am actually one of them. I work as a plumber at a hospital, and I also get lots of overtime, and I love it!
It’s amazing that they will bitch about how they want the same money but don’t want to work for it. Privileged cunts who are completely unaware of reality. 


Canadian nurses are leaving in droves, worn down by 16 merciless months on the frontlines of COVID-19

Read in The Globe and Mail:

Dear Censored,

Here is the origin of you come across as a bitch. Accessed guilty or innocent episode 5 series 1 entitled new sheriff in town. In the link it’s 12 minutes and 28 seconds in. 


Dear Censored,

Dear Censored,

From a veteran digital security professional, I have to say you are completely backwards on biometric authentication. Here’s why:

  1. That chick didn’t know what she was talking about. The IRS does not require your biometric data to set up an account. They require multi-factor authentication, which requires TWO of these three things: 1) what you know (i.e. a password), 2) what you have (i.e. a device, like a phone), and 3) what you are (i.e. a fingerprint or facial scan). If you don’t want to provide them your biometric data then choose options 1 and 2; it’s that simple. They are providing option 3 as a log-in method because it is the most secure and also the easiest thing for most people to use to log in to their system. Since your face and fingerprint is unique you do not need to remember anything or have any additional devices to prove who you are. This is WAY better than security questions like “what is your mother’s maiden name” or a text to your phone number. Hackers are way past that level of security, especially when it comes to government databases.
  2. Do you have an iPhone or Macbook? Do you use Fingerprint or Face ID on those devices? If so, then you just gave Apple your biometric data. The reason you do this is because it is way easier AND more secure to use your face or finger print to authenticate you rather than remembering and typing in your password every time.
  3. “But the IRS is different than Apple!” …and that would be a dumb argument. First off, Apple shouldn’t be trusted any more than the IRS with biometric data, and secondly I GUARANTEE there are VERY serious security professionals at the core of both organizations that are deeply concerned with your privacy. If these organizations were trying to use your biometric data for some nefarious purpose other than authenticating you, the whistle would be blown on this in less than one second.
  4. You really need to think about what the IRS already has on you. Remember, the IRS already has your social security number, your kids names, all your addresses, your financial information and tax returns for the last three decades, and so on. You should want the IRS to have the absolute best and easiest ways for you to access this data without compromising YOUR data. Multi-factor authentication, of which biometric data is the most secure and easiest method, is designed to PROTECT that data. Bad actors everywhere want that data – trust me.
  5. Hacking is a very real concern. It wasn’t widely publicized, but the IRS was hacked this year and a bunch of rich people’s taxes were leaked online. ProPublica actually published this information in order to screw the rich Republicans. This can happen to ANYONE in the IRS databases. There is a good, unbiased article about the hack and it’s fallout in the CS Monitor.

The IRS’s messaging regarding biometrics is creepy, but the security side of it is solid as fuck. Being concerned about the IRS having your photo or fingerprint is like being concerned they have your password. The federal government and the IRS already have way more significant data about you than your biometrics. You are supplying those things to them in order to protect your data from hackers. In the future you will see more of this and that’s a good thing. Banks and other platforms need to actually catch up with the IRS in security.
Thanks for reading faggots and I love you more than my mom,


Dear Censored,

 I call it the “Original Get Off My Lawn”.


Dear Censored,

Shoot to keel
It’s now just evolved into KILL WHITE PEOPLE.


Dear Censored,

Matty was touching a bit on West Coast prison structure and it reminded me of this dudes YT page. His name is Wes Watson and he did 10 years in California prisons. He haunts my dreams. My biggest fear is going to prison and his stories further validate all my concerns. Anyway he breaks down nicely the gang structure and has some crazy stories if you care to check it out. 

Forever yours in stilettos and high socks,


Dear Censored,

 drove past this billboard today and smiled thinking about GOML. Uhuru!


Dear Censored,

Here is a screencap from 4chan similar to the one with the caveman pretending to be a woman and the actual woman being a woman effortlessly


Dear Censored,

I’ll keep recommending you watch “Africa Blood and Guts 1966” on YouTube until you do. Especially in light of the current state of South Africa. It’s like a documentary on how shitholes are made.


Dear Censored,

Dear Censored,

I’m part of a band out of Louisville, KY called No Dead Dogs. We are just a bunch kids, but I think our material isn’t half bad. I’m the singer and guitarist by the way. Anyways, here’s one of our most successful songs called Target Practice:

Our style varies but I’d say we fall somewhere in alternative rock.


Dear Censored,

My husband is from Ireland and therefore uncircumcised. The only peeve I have with him is the massive piss stains he leaves on and around the toilet. It’s a miracle that any makes it in the bowl. Just wondering if he’s ridiculously lazy or is this something that you “un-snipped” lads particularly deal with. I know you think peeing sitting down is emasculating, but when my grandparents traveled full time in their RV my granny forced my grandpa to pee sitting down because she was tired of the mess. He didn’t seem to mind. Yet again, my grandfather is definitely cucked. Help me find a solution and if not I suppose I’ll keep cleaning the toilet daily as a token of my undying love and devotion to my uncircumcised husband.

Love the new studio!


Dear Censored,

You have many times complained about soft skin on the hands.   If
you don’t want to get to tough hands through blistering hard work, you
can do it with a dilute solution of battery acid.   About 2 oz of
battery acid (which is one part sulfuric acid to two parts water, if I
recall correctly) to one gallon of water.   I’ve used this concentration
for tanning hides and it invariably toughens the skin on my hands
considerably during the process.   It has to do with how the accursed
proteins of the skin react to the acid, I believe.

     There you go.


Dear Censored,

I recently finished watching Marvel’s newest show called Loki, (I know, what a fag).  But it was just as you’d expect.

 Basically to cut to the chase, all the badass characters in the show were women and/or black.  There were several other flaws but I just couldn’t get over it.  Loki, the God of Mischief was constantly emasculated, beaten, outsmarted, and basically replaced in his own show. 

 The main character Loki was essentially replaced by a smarter, more badass version of himself, as a woman.  Loki had his tale between his legs the whole season and just followed her around.  The main character who ran the company called the TVA was a scrawny black female who roundhouse kicks Owen Wilson’s character (who was also constantly outsmarted and emasculated) 10 feet away in the final episode.  Not to mention the main female character soldier from the TVA was also an overweight black female. From the opening scene in the show I immediately rolled my eyes and said “who the fuck are these diversity hires!”. 

 Oh, I almost forgot, the main bad guy who controls and runs everything is a black guy as well.  The most powerful being, basically God..

 Anyway, by the end of the show I just thought about how useless the actual main character’s presence was in his own show, and yet again, they completely shat on the white guys and made them weak, emasculated and useless.

  Last thing, they (the alphabet community) are yet again trying to make the main character “Loki” gay/bi.  The main white female actress who replaced Loki made a big deal about how Loki finally came out of the closet in a scene.

  She tweeted about it and said she was happy Loki finally came out and inclusiveness and representation is so important yada yada.  Why is that all they care about?!?

 Anyway, hope to hear your thoughts on what is happening even though it’s gay.


Dear Censored,

I keep running into this problem that I think is symptomatic of the right wings data driven autism. We are generally fair minded. We want to be left alone and give everyone a fair shake. When the left presents us with an argument that disproportionate outcomes are rooted in racism, we can’t help but look at the numbers and say things like “well it looks like health outcomes for blacks tend to worse because of a higher rate of obesity and diabetes”We are instantly put in a position of arguing along the lines of race, when we have no interest in doing so.I think we need a better tactic when faced with this. Maybe something like “well generally I don’t feel it’s helpful to argue along racial lines but; whites have worse health outcomes than Asians because we tend to be more obese. Likewise blacks tend to have higher rates of obesity than whites and therefore have worse outcomes than both Asians and whites” Always start with stats that show another ethnicity as doing better 1st!
Apology accepted,  


Dear Censored,

Greetings from Sydney Australia, I religiously watch the show and never miss an episode!
My apologies for the length of the email, I’m not a millennial just a history nerd. 
Seeing how for many years you’ve been commenting on the tensions in South Africa and then again in the last few days, I thought I’d share with you the TRUE black history of South Africa.
I went on a visit to SA and Namibia in 2017 and saw the place for myself, really is nothing like what anyone thinks. While there, I learned about the native ‘San’ people, or Bushmen as most of the West know them (The people from the whacky 80s film ‘The Gods Must Be Crazy’). 
While there I visited many San sights seeing their beautiful cave art and rock carvings-surprisingly they inserted a lot of humour into their art (see below attached picture of a San being chased by a leopard) As a history buff I wanted to know more, so I did some research on the San and to my astonishment l learned some crazy shit that is never discussed in relation to the white and black people of today.  The black population of SA today are nothing but the recent descendants of imperial, genocidal colonizers.
The first modern humans to live in South Africa were the San, they literally evolved there. Their bidepal hominid ancestors migrated from the north occupying the land that is SA for at least 50,000 years. They lived nomadic, peaceful lives, rarely engaging in violence against each other (they are widely believed to be the only example of truly ‘noble savages’).
Starting 2,000 years ago, taller, genetically distinct Herders came from the north, stealing thethe land and resources of the San violently and designating them as sub-human, even giving them their name- San means ‘worthless’, or ‘nothing’. In their language. 
These waves of northern blacks began to enslave the San but didn’t see them as useful slaves due to their small size and tendency to be worked to death, so they saw it easier to genocide them. 
Even today, San are regularly murdered, their sacred sites are poorly cared for and destroyed. The San sites I saw were in extreme disrepair, the owners and governments really don’t care. The San polulations today are barely at 35,000 in SA and Namibia. 
Today SA is going down in flames, blacks don’t care for the country, they have no true roots there, if they were so connected to the land why would they so readily destroy it and have no knowledge of how to maintain it and care for it. 
The blacks were colonized by even better colonizers. 
See these long form documentaries videos for reference.

I want to fuck you in the Fag Zone with my Pit Vipers on,


Dear Censored,

Dear Censored,

y husband made a mash up video of the riots over the past year sprinkled with awesome clips of the Proud Boys beating the shit out of Antifa. The background music is a track he recorded in the mid 90’s.  He grew up in Brooklyn and was in to the music and club scene in Manhattan in the 90s and I think you might appreciate it.  Please just fucking watch it! It’s fucking awesome!  Tell Ryan just don’t fuck it up. 


Dear Censored,

GOD IS PISSED! Bolt of Lightening destroys George Floyd mural in Toledo, Ohio


Dear Censored,

Humiliating Looters

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