We here at Censored.TV want to acknowledge Pride month as well as Juneteenth, BLM and the various communities of fluid gender, sexuality, and folks of color. As a company, we stand with you in the fight against hate – in all its forms, whether it be on the playground, in the classroom, at the home, of the workplace, or out on the streets.

Hate has no home anywhere at all and it is up to us, as a company to work to eradicate it wherever it lays its hat (not at our home, that’s for damn sure). If racism was a person, we would hang it by the tallest oak tree for all the people to see. If homophobia were a man, we would fag bash him. If sexism was a woman, we would rape her right now. We hate hate’s guts and will not tolerate even the slightest glimmer of intolerance.

This is why our network prominently features gays, blacks, and women who are encouraged to speak their truth without the systemic racism and bigotry of whiteness holding them back. If you are reading this and you are an able-bodied, white, middle class, heterosexual male (conservative especially) you suck. You suck so much, you should probably go suck a dick but you won’t because quote unquote #nohomo. Fuck you.

Anyway, we are making our logo a rainbow and we hope to include some black and brown in there because it feels racist to only have half a dozen colors. Cops, if you’re reading this, you need to take a long, hard look in the mirror and then give yourself the finger. Fuck you, too.

So, yeah, big ups to pansexuals, the indigenous, and bisexual people of color – even if they’re kids. Also, we feel terrible about all the prejudice in the world and want everyone to know, that’s not us. Please accept this different logo as our apology. We’re sorry.


The Censored.TV team

(mostly Gavin – actually, 100% Gavin. I’m Gavin)

37 thoughts on “Let’s Start A Conversation!

  1. It’s about time. I’m white and, frankly, I’m over myself and my race’s many accomplishments. I’m ready for the mentally deranged to take a stab at it.

    1. You act like you were part of something that you had probably no hand in. Maybe you being over yourself has to do with you being lame, and not so much to do with you being white, eh?

  2. Thanks for being super inclusive. This means so much to our genderless anarchist children. Remember kids violent activism is peaceful. Also fighting whiteness and racism requires activism.

  3. Hilarious! This is just the kind of open-minded approach I would expect an intelligent person such as yourself to take, Gavin. Hope you and your diverse family enjoy the rich experiences available to you through sexual perversions and mental illness.
    As for me, I don’t care who fucks/sucks what – just rather not have it “shoved in my face,” so to speak.
    Love your new glasses!

  4. Stunning and brave!!! I realize as a white person I do not belong in the conversation, and I do not want to dilute this post with my toxic existence. Indeed the only suitable recompense for my white crimes is death. Never the less I am proud of the accomplishments of this network and proud to be apart of its progress.

    Much love

  5. Your words are so uplifting, just what we needed in these crazy times. You’ve inspired me. I wanted to let you know I have begun a campaign of tolerance in my community. I and all my white friends formed a group to end racism.

    Thanks Gavin and the Censored.tv family, for showing me the errors of my ways.


  6. Since I’m Catholic, I celebrate the Sacred Heart of Jesus this month. (Just like I celebrated St. Mary for the month of May.) Our Lord is meek and humble of heart. Let’s celebrate humility this month.

    Pride month is gay.

  7. some may appreciate this better late then never attempt at being progressive, but honestly this kind of apathy is offensive to the LGBTQQIAAP+ community. Doing the bare minimum halfway though the month to support our movement is insensitive and borderline hateful.

  8. Alright, fuckers my patience has run out.

    This flag excludes all the intersex, demisex, and tyrannisex community and should be taken down from your site immediately. Flying this flag on your page has made me feel unsafe. Please take this hate-speech against neurodivergent them’s down, immediately. How about you do your homework before trying to join community? Until then, get the fuck out of our inclusionary space! Be better.

  9. So Brave and Beautiful. This move gives hope to us all! Ryan must have rubbed off on you enough finally. Oh to be a fly on THAT wall <3

  10. Jessamyn can yoga and restore her body and emotional and spiritual foundations through her dedication to the ancient mystic wisdom but she can’t give up the donuts and Popeyes. Why would she? He glorious butt barrels, sausage arms and threatening belly boulder say it all;
    Fuck your white supremacy! I donut your racism and Popeye your oppression.

  11. I am so powerful that if I accidentally have a bad thought about a black, I can destroy their entire race. They have no chance against me.

  12. Does this mean Copper Cab is going to start producing content again? I’m really into his sister, but I realize the best thing for her and for the rest of humanity is to eschew my tiny white benis and to have interracial agender babies for communism, but I would like to be able to watch that go down if that’s on the table

  13. funny how you need permission to post a comment on a site all about free speech. reminds me of the fags in college that liked being in charge of the keg tap.

  14. I get what he did here, or tried to do, or thinks he did, but its just further proof of Gavins long time lefty cuck tendencies.

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