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Dear Censored,

There was a black woman who crashed an Antifa rally recently and she railed against them and told them that Proud Boys was not the issue, Antifa was. She also took to task the local media for not running her story about the abuse her and her children suffered at the hands of Antifa. Looks like the tables are finally turning on them. Got to bring this up for Proud Boy news for sure.  Like your new sunglasses’ locating transponder’s sexy heels!


Here’s the link to the article:

Dear Censored

Dear Censored

Could you imagine a white right of center political figure claiming to be black? The news cycle would be broken destroying “they” career.  
Censored.TV is the best $10 a month I’ve spent in years.  Thanks for all you do!


Dear Censored,

Check out the thread starting with the tweet above and everything that follows… It’s like what the Canadian government did when the feds created nazi groups but this seems even more disturbing.


Dear Censored,

Have you heard of Graham Hancock? His work is fascinating to me, I would love to hear how you feel about the ancient world and how easily ours could disappear. All of our comforts and luxuries could be gone in an instant. This could happen without a cataclysmic event such as an asteroid. Our Western world is a dream world, a beautiful and amazing world that is being eaten away slowly. We have created a very soft society, maybe it was designed to be so or maybe it is just the way of all civilizations. Another avenue I like to mentally explore besides conspiracy theories. 
Here is a small sample of Mr. Hancock

History is an open book test that the majority is currently failing at it seems
Later Skaters


Dear Censored,

I have quickly become a fan of wrong opinion with Josh Lekach. Thank you for adding him to the network. He makes good points, very matter of factly and clear, and he is naturally funny and entertaining.
I think Ryan and Josh are kind of gay for each other as well.
I also am of course a big fan of Matty!  Love Matty!!!
Keep making the good moves Beardo!

By the way, when was the last time you were fully clean shaven?  As a dude who cannot stand having a beard and who shaves every 2 days, (I have thick werewolf-like facial hair like you Gav) I can’t imagine having a huge beard on my face. I feel like it would drive me crazy and itch all the time. And it probably smells.


Dear Censored,

Coming soon to a neighborhood near you!

Dear Censored,

You mentioned on your show with Ant last week that Palestinians use to live in caves when you last visited. This is still the case. Check out this recent article and video.
Love you with your heels on,


Dear Censored,

 just discovered a brand new show on Discovery+ that you guys should check out called “My Big Fat Summer”. The show centers around the world’s only “plus size resort” where enormous guests are encouraged to think more positively about their whale sized bodies. Of course, it ironically ends up making fun of fat people because of how they specially built the resort, and how everything from the toilets to the bed frames had to be specially designed to not implode under pressure. Anyway, like you more than a friend.

– Orrin

PS what happened to letters from the ad guy? I work on garage doors and spent a fair amount of time busting up laughing inside people’s garages over details about his crumbling life that were not supposed to be read on air.

Dear Censored,

Britney gets $2,000 a week. And no, the judge didn’t tell Jamie he’s just fine. There’s a hearing in September. For the first time in 14 years she has been granted her own attorney. Her previous POS attorney was making $500,000 a YEAR off of her and didn’t do as she instructed him. He was a court appointed loser who she hadn’t even met until a few months ago.

She pays her father’s legal bills and everyone else’s. ONE of her fathers attorneys charges $1,099/hr. And he has spent MILLIONS of her money on attorney fees keeping this charade going.

Her personal conservator, Jodi Montgomery (of her person not estate) charged her over $200,000 in a four month period. JM has also filed court docs stating her medical team as well as herself want Jaimie Spears gone. JM also supports the end of the conservatorship, JM is a professional conservator.

They’re all making money off Britney. Her father is paid $16,000/ month PLUS 2.5% of her royalties for her shows and merchandise sales. She just got an iPad for the first time in her life.

It’s a racket and they’re all making literally millions off of her. She’s made hundreds of millions in the last 13 years but her estate is only worth $60 million. One deal was $140 million alone. Over $100 billion in perfume sales. Her businesses aren’t showing the judge an accounting. The notion she was broke when they took over is a lie. When she was 22 she put all her assets in a trust. For someone that can make hundreds of millions of dollars but not be able to make basic decisions is not the definition of a conservatorship. Her testimony from several months ago was leaked and you can listen to it.

If you’re gonna do a gossip show, you need to do better than flip through pics of People (yes they’re paid adverts) and actually take the time to get to know your inner 13-year old girl.

The Britney thing is worth “investing” the time and reading about because it’s actually fucking shocking.

She won’t be in a conservatorship by year end. It’s laughable her POS dad who filed bankruptcy and lost all of his own businesses would be in charge of her money (he also creates LLCs and can secretly pay himself because the Court has never been given an accounting of any of her corporations and their $).

She never went bankrupt, so why would someone so unqualified be allowed to make millions off of her and control such a sophisticated amount of money?

There are court documents you can read. $2,000 a week for someone making hundreds of millions?

P.S. the vet didn’t steal her dog, her fucking maid did because the dog threw up. She called the police and security told the police she didn’t want to make a report. She called the police to report a theft. Her security turned the police away without allowing them to speak to Britney; they keep her locked away. She has said all the help in the house are part of the problem, they all work for Jaimie.

Her tucking sister whose a loser is also now in charge of her original trust. The entire family makes money and lives off of her, it’s sickening.

P.S. the original conservatorship; they lied and said when she was 26 that she had dementia! They never had a doctor attest to this as is required in all conservatorship cases when making someone a conservatee. They just said she was. I could keep going because there is so much more…

She isn’t crazy, she’s being abused.


Dear Censored,

Do you know how Milo got in trouble for calling Leslie Jones a man?  Watch Zach Galifianakis 


Dear Censored,

I was not born in the south but I’ve lived down here for 32 years. I’ve lived in Mississippi, Alabama, and now rural Florida. I would bet my left nut that the guy with the bomb at the Capitol was doing a bad impression of a southern accent.


Dear Censored,

Dear Censored,

I wasn’t around when you were on Compound Media originally and my girlfriend took an interest in you on Google, did some digging, and found this. What the hell was the context here? 


Dear Censored,

Did you ever see the movie TFW NO GF?

Haven’t seen it (I will) but it’s ostensibly a documentary about incel culture but really it’s kind of a glorification of these esoteric twitter personalities.

Anyway, the film’s director/editor Alex Lee Moyer has this post pinned on her twitter.
Back in like 2011, I inspired Gavin McInnes to start the Proud Boys after a cocaine binge writing a fashy manifesto and he told me it was the most retarded thing he ever read. Then the rest is history. I have both real life associates who can attest and electronic proof of this.

Further, she posts this as proof of her claim:

Seems to me like the “coked up writing” part is true, but otherwise, not very convincing. Or maybe this is a lil joke between you two. Or maybe you’ve already heard about this. Anyway, I will say that Moyer is totally my type. 
Take care,


Dear Censored,

Dear Censored,

Dear Censored,

A shame Joe’s having such trouble with ‘dem ‘dare country boys in the middle east. If he keeps it up at home he just may have the same trouble here. 

The western country boys ain’t nothing to play with either. 


Dear Censored,

Weird story, kind of reminds me of they Bill burr bit where he just avoids kids. Well a bunny just waved at a lion cub, and the lion attacked the bunny. The weak should fear the strong. 


Dear Censored,

I know how much you LOVE suggestions so I thought I’d give one for a new section of the show. Show one of two videos of asian people (or any other shitty culture) eating some weird bug/clam and call it “this is why other cultures suck” or something. 
Here’s an example of an Asian eating weird shit:   Love you more than a friend.


Dear Censored,

Please watch. Florida sheriff bust undercover child pedo disney/ starbucks/ etc. employees…this is one of sooooooooo too many. 
God Bless

Dear Censored,

I thought your theory about trannies and video games was bullshit but maybe not. It seems like most are gamers.
-Trey 👌🏻

Dear Censored,

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