From now on, when we’re talking about a subject on GOML, we want the TVs to be representing that subject. Kinda like Alex Jones’ revolving earth and explosions and shit but funny.

So, here’s the deal: Make one-minute, dynamic, looping background videos for the following topics. No text. Just imagery.


Screaming blue-haired feminists or maybe sexy porn stars in lingerie (no NSFW please). Basically, anything “woman” works for this. These are just suggestions if you’re stumped. It could be anything. It could be moving pencil sketches like that a-ha video.


This will probably be the funnest one. Rainbows, unicorns, gays, twerking, that weird dude Alok Vaid. This one should be as over-the-top as humanly possible. Gayness is funny.


Don’t go too crazy with this. We don’t want ACTUAL racist shit on there. Offensive cartoons from early Bugs Bunny works. The Klan is always amusing. BLM riots could go in the antifa section but they’re probably best here. Statues coming down is a tough one. That’s probably best in antifa.


Ideally, clips from that actual event. The more benign the better. It’s important we see the FBI is cracking down on a bunch of angry boomers who were just having a laugh. It was not an “insurrection.”


Kinda hard not to get heavy with this one. I think pig imagery with donuts and other insulting stuff is OK. The topic will be serious and I’ll be defending cops obviously so you don’t have to worry about the background being too offensive. It’s essentially a parody of how cops are seen. Again, I’m just spitballing here. You could also stick some BLM riots in here.


No need to bring in the “My Pet Biden” concept. This one’s easy. Just a bunch of Bidens floating around is funny. You can’t really lose with this one.


Just a massive onslaught of anarchy and fire and smashing windows and violence. Let’s remind everyone that this crew is really just the paramilitary wing of the DNC. That’s why they never go to prison.


You could steal graphics from the intro. Use the Beastie Boys partying if you want. I also like the aesthetic of 80s TVs and VCRs and MTV and throwing TVs from windows like in the beginning of SCTV.


This one couldn’t be easier. It’s just mail, fuck.


This one is kind of challenging. How do you convey half-assed journalism churned out by disinterested babysitters and spinsters with an axe to grind? If you show a typewriter, it looks like we’re talking about “old news.” If you just show dumb girls, it looks more like feminism. Maybe just showing the logos of WaPo, HuffPo, CNN, Daily Beast, Vox, etc. etc. is the easiest way to convey this. There’s also the “mad as hell” guy from the movie Network. “Fake News” encapsulates fake TV news and fake newspapers and fake online news. This includes Psaki and the White House correspondents. I don’t envy you on this one. It’s a ballbuster.

Remember, you only see the bottom two TVs most of the time so the majority of the imagery should be focussed on the bottom.
$100 per winning video. If you win all 10 you win $1,000.

Please send submissions to with CONTEST in the subject.



8 thoughts on “Background Contest

  1. you should return the 4 monitors behind you and purchase ones without a bezel. I thought you’re all about aesthetics Gav. Be better.

  2. $100 isn’t really fair compensation for such work. Probably would have made more sense to just ask for the videos as donations seeing as how that’s how it’s been working so far.

    1. Good point. Something like a signed book or rare t-shirt would probably be more valuable than $100 to most of us. Speaking for myself, if I were to compete in this, I wouldn’t care about the money. The value would be in contributing a work of my own blood and sweat to be featured in something I’m passionate about.

  3. Yes. It looks so amateur… and why can’t the TV’s be lowered by a foot to get rid of the space between the desk and bottom screen.
    Look at the Compound studio… looks so much better.

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